CAFLA Tours was founded in 1988, by a french entrepreneur and has since continued to grow and expand its range of products to satisfy customer needs worldwide.

CAFLA Tours specializes in customized Luxury Travel, for discerning clients who require unsurpassed expertise, customized arrangements with creative itineraries, and personalized attention.

Based in Irvine, CA, CAFLA Tours is a division of Luxe Travel Management, one of the most versatile and unique travel consulting and management team in the industry.

As an exclusive member of the highly respected “Signature Travel Network”, a consortium of the nation’s leading travel professionals, who share one objective: to serve the unique needs of discerning travelers, we are able to offer our clients unique amenities , exclusive benefits and privileged rates at hundreds of luxury properties throughout the world.

CAFLA Tours invites you to discover an infinite variety of experiences tailored especially to you:

World Class Luxury Island Leisure, Private villas, Prestige Spa, Luxury All Inclusive, Safaris, Private Jets, Culinary Travel, Cultural Experiences, Ultimate Resorts Collection, Expeditions…